AssaultCube World Cup 2010

IRC: #acwc (mibbit).

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Rules of competition

Unanswered questions? #

Make sure you read everything thoroughly. Getting onto IRC can also help.

Time arrangements #

Each captain has to collect times at which their players are available.

If your players can't be available at enough times then they shouldn't be registered in the first place. We expect commitment!

Games will start exactly 10 minutes after the given time. During the 10 minutes, preparations + warm-ups will take place. This time shall be spent sorting out any possible problems.

Captains must be present on IRC 10 minutes before given times.

Captains are in charge of who is allowed to enter the game.

Team arrangements #

  • This is a 3vs3 competition.
  • Team captains must be able to speak in English.
  • Team captains must have at least 3 months' presence in AssaultCube, its community or its clans.
  • Team captains must ensure every player is in position to participate.
  • No more than 5 players must be registered towards your team.
  • Once registrations are closed, no team may be altered (hence the requirement of 1 or 2 substitutes).
  • A country can have more than one team. Each team is led by a captain and you may register another team even if there is an "official", self-recognised team for that country already.
  • "Mix-and-match" allows people from separate countries to play as a single team.
  • Mix-and-match of regional players is allowed if there is any significant geographical relationship between countries. Also are included dependencies, such as Martinique depending on France.
  • Administration may refuse certain players if they have a history of foul-play or are otherwise unwanted.
  • Any refused team may re-register with different players.

Mix-and-match: you may have a team like Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) composed of various players. But that would not be permitted if there is a Netherlands team already.

In-game specifics #

If a team does not turn up in the required time with 3 players, it is automatically disqualified.

Should a player disconnect due to lag or loss of connection, the server will be opened and a substitute will be expected to join straight away so the game can continue. This means that there will be no pauses whatsoever and that we are expecting any substitutes to be on-line (IRC) as well.

Apart from that, be nice to everyone if you're using text-chat and play however you want (we don't care whether you camp or not since it's your own choice).

Fair play #

Any team, knowingly or not, will be disqualified if found to have cheated in any way.

Allowed game modifications: non-bright skins, low resolution textures, custom scripts. Hitbox frames, auto-switch scripts and bright-skins are not permitted.

Rules may be changed without any notice before registrations close, at which point you should read them again.

All players are required to use AssaultCube version 1.0.4, which is now available as a full installer.

Voice communications are permitted and also encouraged. We advise you to use Mumble due to its low latency and open-source nature although TeamSpeak and Ventrilo are sufficient enough for the job. Mumble 1.2 and TeamSpeak 3 servers are provided on default ports on the European '' server. Accounts/access are available on request from w00p|Sanzo''.