The AssaultCube World Cup 2009

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Upcoming matches

Complete matches

  • [Match info] Australia (0) vs. Germany (2) - (11:00 UTC+0000, 25th)
  • [Match info] Finland (5) vs. Germany (7) - (18:00 UTC+0000, 19th)
  • [Match info] Australia (23) vs. United States (11) - (03:00 UTC+0000, 19th)
  • [Match info] Latinos (5+13=18) vs. United States (10+10=20) - (22:00 UTC+0000, 18th)
  • [Match info] Germany (18) vs. Benelux (8) - (21:00 UTC+0000, 18th)
  • [Match info] Finland (11/226) vs. Brazil (11/206) - (17:00 UTC+0000, 18th)
  • [Match info] United Kingdom (15) vs. Australia (26) - (11:00 UTC+0000, 18th)
  • [Match info] Brazil A (7) vs. Brazil B (3) - (21:00 UTC+0000, 17th)

Game information

Maps to play


Brazil A and Brazil B will fight against eachother to find out which of them will represent Brazil. It will be Capture The Flag on ac_power. The teams swap sides in the second game. The highest flags (or frags in case of a tie) wins.

First elimination

  1. Capture The Flag on ac_shine, both sides

Second elimination

  1. Capture The Flag on ac_sunset, both sides


  1. Team One Shot One Kill on ac_desert, both sides
  2. Capture The Flag on ac_mines, both sides
  3. Team Deathmatch on ac_complex, both sides


The game server addresses will be announced 20 minutes before the games are to begin.

Please attend to the IRC channel : #acwc if you are a substitute of any games. In case anyone disconnects, you can then be easily informed and join the server promptly.

The IRC channel is also accompanied by a spectator bot, which will print out the status of the current game. Better than having to wait 30 minutes for a result.

Mumble servers are available on [] and [] for those interested. Separate accounts / channels are available upon request.